New Business Phone Systems

Our certified technicians can install Avaya phone systems matching the individual needs of our customers. We work directly with our clients to determine the desired features and any additional features that can be utilized to help the operations of their businesses.

The IP Office Partner Edition provides the same great service as the Avaya Partner ACS did for many years. The Partner edition provides the same rich features as the Partner ACS with added features and phone choices. The system is very modular and can be easily expanded when the need arises. The Partner edition is a great solution for a single site office with up to 48 phones. More information can be found by opening the brochure.

The Avaya IP Office is an extremely flexible solution which can be tailored to meet the needs of any business. Whether your business has just a few phones or multiple locations with hundreds of phones, the IP Office can perform the task with ease. The phones can be digital, IP based or analog depending on the desired function. More information can be found by opening the IP Office Brochures.

Emery Communications provides leasing and financing though Avaya Financial Services for new system installations. Not only the equipment, but the installation labor and wiring can be included in the payment. By leasing a system business can conserve capital to use for other business expenses. There are also tax benefits depending upon the type of lease as either a capital expense or an operating expense. Budgeting becomes easier to forecast expenses and the ability to upgrade to the newest release, features and functionality.

Please contact us for an individualized consultation regarding your phone system.