Cable Installation, Testing & Certification

Whether your building is old or new, we can install the required cabling to keep your network running reliably for years to come.

We install cabling for phones and networks of various sizes and purposes. These installations can range from a single addition of a printer in an office to a complete data center. Our staff is certified to design and install Cat5e, Cat6 or fiber optic cabling depending upon the scope of our customer’s needs. We maintain a number of industry certifications to stay on top of the ever evolving technology within the cabling world.

Copper Cable Installation

Copper cabling has been around for years in office buildings and is still the preferred medium for networking staff with one another.

We install only high quality products that are installed to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure trouble free cabling for years to come. The cabling we install depends on the need of customer, it could be cat3, cat5e or cat6. None of these solutions are one size fits all answers. Our designers can determine the best choice and provide a solution tailored to the project.

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Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Does your business need to connect two network closets together? By installing a fiber optic link between closets, businesses can keep their staff connected at the fastest speed possible.

These closets can be anywhere from across the hall to down the street. We have installed fiber optic cable in manufacturing plants, warehouses and multistory buildings ranging from 6 strands to cables containing 144 strands.

The following is a sample of the types of cable we install:

  • 62.5 micron Multimode fiber
  • 50 micron Multimode fiber
  • Single mode fiber

The following is a sample of the termination ends that we install:

  • LC
  • ST
  • SC

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While completing the move, your business may be either growing or downsizing, this could entail operational changes of the phones. There may be new roles or role changes within your business. We can make the necessary programming changes to allow your business to run smooth and efficiently.

Cable Testing Certification

At the completion of our cabling projects, all of the installed cable is not only tested, but it is certified.

You may be wondering “what is certification for cabling?” Certification for cabling ensures that once the cable is installed, the cable performance meets or exceeds the rating of the cable design. This assures our customers that the cabling was properly installed. At the conclusion of the testing, the test results are compiled into a .PDF file and provided to the customer.

Download this PDF to view our test results.

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